Motor oils play a significant role in maintaining and preserving your engine to ensure a smooth and seamless interaction with the least friction. Several myths about motor oils have gained popularity by invading general knowledge or being accurate, but they are no longer valid. Below are the most popular motor oil myths and their truths.

Once You Use Synthetic Oils, You Can’t Go Back

Switching between synthetic oils and the older convectional is acceptable and will not cause any damage to the engine. Synthetic oils are made from blending conventional and synthetic oils.

Dark Oil Should Always Be Changed

Dark-colored oil does not necessarily indicate that your oil is dirty or no longer needed. The truth is that some oils tend to go dark fast as the additives incorporated in your engine oil start working.

You Ought to Change Oil Every 3,000 Miles

This procedure was mainly applied in the past, and with the introduction of new synthetic oils, they help stretch the time needed for an oil change.

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