With smart safety features like active driver alerts and passive monitoring systems becoming more and more commonplace in cars, vehicles are safer than ever. Kia continues to take forward strides in the auto industry by implementing the Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) system in cars like the 2017 Kia Sorento in Chicago. Features like AEB can help save your life in situations where you might not have time to react or if you panic in the event of an accident.


How does it work? AEB technology is actually incredibly simple. Several sensors, as well as a camera, are placed on the front of the Sorento. This allows it to monitor speed as well as the distance between the front bumper and the vehicle in front of you. If at any point the system senses an impending risk of collision, the vehicle will first warn the driver, and if no action is taken it will begin applying the brakes automatically.


A pedestrian detection system is also built in, so the vehicle will react in a similar fashion to sensing pedestrians crossing in front of the Sorento in and around Ottawa IL. The AEB was made to protect not only you and your vehicle, but also other people and vehicles on the road. In some situations, it can be difficult to react to a situation in time, or you may not notice the risk. However, AEB monitors those risks for you so you can minimize your chance of a collision. To learn more about this feature, visit Bill Walsh Kia here in Ottawa anytime!