A vehicle is a finely-tuned working machine. Therefore, just like all machines, it requires regular maintenance. This maintenance comes in the form of vehicle services. If you want your vehicle to function properly, it is important to bring it to a service center to have it inspected and worked upon. Fortunately, we have such a service center here at Bill Walsh Kia and our service team is ready to help you with all of your basic service needs! Whether you need a simple oil change or something more serious, you can trust the team at Bill Walsh Kia to get your vehicle what it needs.

One of the most frequent service requirements that all vehicles need is an oil change. Contrary to popular belief, there a magic number that dictates when to perform these for all cars. Instead, each vehicle requires a change of its engine's oil at a different time. However, if drivers do not have their oil changed within this time frame, the consequences can be serious! Fortunately, changing oil is a quick and easy process that our service team can have done in no time flat.

Four of the most important parts of your vehicle are its tires. After all, they are what keep your vehicle rolling ahead. Unfortunately, tires can become worn down from constant use. In order to avoid this tire wear and tear, a tire rotation is in order, and the best place to have your tires rotated is here at Bill Walsh Kia.

In order to keep your vehicle moving forward the way that it should, it often require an alignment fixture to make sure that its wheels are all in their optimal locations. While this may sound like a complicated fix, rest assured that our team of service experts can have it done quickly and efficiently.

The next time that your vehicle requires any kind of service, bring it on down to the service center here at Bill Walsh Kia!


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