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If you are in the market for a pre-owned vehicle, you should consider checking out what Kia has to offer. Kia has made a name for itself in recent decades by making some of the most reliable vehicles on the road and offering the best value in many vehicle classes. At Bill Walsh Kia in Ottawa, IL, we love what Kia has been doing and offer a wide selection of used Kia vehicles.



The Seltos is a modern take on the traditional SUV for Naperville and Morris, IL drivers. It offers plenty of power and capability to make it fully equipped to take on just about any terrain. It also features a very modern interior, and most are shocked by the impressive level of features Kia was able to include at its price point.


The Kia Niro stretches the upper limits of the crossover category. It provides ample seating space and is great for someone who needs extra room. But, it stays at the perfect size to keep the great handling and driving experience you would find in smaller SUVs.

Carnival MPV

The Carnival MPV completely revolutionized the "minivan" segment when Kia released it. It offers sliding doors, easy accessibility to third-row seating, and tons of interior space you would expect from a minivan. But, it has a much better looking design and interior features you would typically only find in more "luxury" SUVs.


If a crossover SUV is what you are after, there is no better choice than the Kia Sportage. This has been one of the more popular SUVs on the road for over a decade, and that is for good reason. With the perfect blend of size, features, and value, it is the perfect daily driver for someone who wants something bigger than a sedan but not as large as many SUVs offered today. Please stop by and see us at Bill Walsh Kia for a test drive and hands-on look and what makes it such a desired vehicle by many.


For a more traditional, large SUV, there is the Kia Sorento. This SUV does everything a large SUV should and is perfect for a large or growing family. It offers a smooth and comfortable ride, and some like it simply because it is an SUV where space will never be an issue. It also has impressive reliability many large SUVs do not have and achieves respectable gas mileage levels.


Kia shocked many when it released the Telluride. This full-size SUV fully embraces everything a "luxury" SUV should. It offers amenities like a premium sound system, heated and ventilated leather seats, a large touchscreen infotainment system, and much more. It even offers three rows of seating with an easy access second row or a full row of three seats. If you want the ultimate best road trip and daily driving experience you can find in an SUV, come and see the Kia Telluride at Bill Walsh Kia.



The Kia Rio is a subcompact sedan that many love for its extreme affordability and fuel efficiency. However, it is not a poor quality "economy" car that vehicles of this size used to be. The Kia Rio delivers many quality features that would typically only be found in larger and more expensive vehicles. If you want something that is ready for your long daily commute and sacrifices nothing, consider checking out the Kia Rio.


The Forte is Kia's subcompact sedan that many believe is the perfect size for a sedan. It beautifully maximizes both fuel efficiency and interior space to provide a practical and enjoyable ride. It also packs much more power than many expect and even offers a turbocharged GT option. If you want something that is fun and makes sense, see the Kia Forte right here at Bill Walsh Kia.


The K5 is the successor to the beloved Kia Optima. After being on the market for a few years, it is safe to say it has been a success. This model takes everything great about the Kia Optima and adds a modern redesign and feature set. The K5 is simply a comfortable sedan that is spectacular to drive. It also has options for everything Kia has to offer and truly is a no holds barred sedan.


The Kia Stinger is a full-blown sports car. It features tremendous amounts of power with its turbocharged engine and has the option for all-wheel drive. It also includes everything people love about Kia, like great reliability and value. If you want a sports car that is practical and will not become a money pit, you should check out the Kia Stinger.


The Kia Soul is a beautiful blend between a hatchback sedan and an SUV. It is the perfect size for someone who wants more room than a typical sedan but wants great gas mileage and ease of navigation in tight spaces you would find from a car. This unique vehicle is loved by many, so give it a shot and see if it is right for you!

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