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Whether your Kia is new or you've been driving it around Joliet for years, it's never too late to start it on a good maintenance schedule. Not only will you get the best performance from your Kia vehicle, but you'll also be able to ask for a higher price when it comes time to sell your model.

Common Services


Oil Changes - Oil forms the foundation for your engine to run efficiently. Clean oil keeps harmful, abrasive dust from grinding down precision components, which in turn keeps your engine from having to work harder. This maintenance item helps your vehicle consume less fuel, saving you a little money at the gas pump each time you visit. The efficiency also keeps the engine temperature lower, helping to avoid overheating.

Brake Repairs - You can put vehicle safety at the forefront while driving around Naperville with regular brake system inspections and maintenance. Your brake pads will need changing every 30,000 miles or so but may require it sooner if you're constantly in heavy traffic or if you use your Kia for towing or hauling near Morris, IL. Brake fluid flushes, rotor repair, and other brake system maintenance will happen less often. Still, you always want to be vigilant about a loss of braking performance and bring your Kia to your technician right away to diagnose the issue.

Tire Rotations - Whether you're getting ready for winter or summer driving around Peru, IL, it's a good idea to stay on top of tire maintenance with regular pressure checks, tread inspections, and tire rotations. You can avoid wearing your tires unevenly and the need for a premature replacement.

Alignments - The most common time for an alignment is when you buy a new set of tires, but you may need one between sets if you've experienced a fender bender or hit an obstacle recently. Even small bumps can sometimes cause your tires to go off balance, affecting how your vehicle handles and causing uneven tire wear.

Manufacturer Recalls and Warranty Repairs - Manufacturers send their vehicles out with the best of intentions, but every now and then, a part may need repair or replacement due to a safety or performance issue. At Bill Walsh Kia, we can quickly perform the work and have your vehicle back on the road and better than ever before.

Why Service With Us?


If you're looking for a good service center in Ottawa, IL, bringing your Kia to our dealership gives you access to technicians certified in Kia-specific care. When technicians specialize in a brand, it gives them the expertise to quickly diagnose symptoms and apply the proper repair. This scenario gives them an edge over general mechanics, who may take longer to arrive at the correct solution. The result of scheduling an appointment with certified Kia technicians is a vehicle repaired correctly and less time spent waiting for repairs.

Our technicians also install OEM, or original equipment manufacturer parts, in your vehicle whenever possible rather than using aftermarket parts that may lack the quality materials and correct fit of a part made by Kia. Your technician will come as close to restoring your vehicle to its original state as possible.

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For the best Kia care you can find in Ottawa, visit our Kia dealership today. Our technicians are happy to answer any service questions you have and will work closely with you to develop a service schedule for things like oil changes and tire rotations that make sense with the way you use your Kia. You can use our simple online form to book a service time that fits into your busy day, so your service visits are never an inconvenience.

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